7 Ways to Prevent and Slow Down the Aging Process

7 Ways to Prevent and Slow Down the Aging Process

It’s something everyone wonders about – how to slow down aging of the skin, especially around the face? Staying young and slowing down the aging process has a lot of different parts to it. It’s not just all about wearing clothes which make you look younger, or piling on the makeup in the morning to try and hide your wrinkles. Fortunately, there are several options for people looking to look and feel younger every day. Here are 7 ways to reduce premature skin aging from Instant Laser Clinic.

  1. Be happy

Try to cut down on the amount of things which bring you sadness and stress in your life. This could mean cutting down on the amount of time you spend with certain people, such as the negative ones or people who tend to bring you down. The happier you feel, the happier you will look, and you’ll instantly appear more youthful.

  1. Visit an anti-aging clinic

There are clinics in Melbourne which specialise in slowing down the process of aging, so if this sounds like something you want to do, you can book a consultation appointment at INSTANT LASER CLINIC and speak to somebody about the possibilities which are available to you. They can help you find a way how to slow down aging skin that suits your needs. This could mean having either, fractional skin tightening such as Pelleve or Venus Freeze, 4D Laser treatment or other types of skincare which will help you to look younger.

  1. Sleep well

If you get into the habit of not having enough sleep every night, you will start feeling weak, tired and old before your time. Regardless of how old you are now, if you get good sleep while you’re younger and for most of your life, you’ll see the benefits as you get into your 30s, 40s and 50s.

  1. Take supplements when you need them

You shouldn’t use supplements to totally get rid of a healthy balanced diet, but sometimes you might need to take certain tablets in order to stay as healthy as possible. Vitamin D is one of the best supplements to take, particularly if you live in an area without much sunlight or you don’t seem to get out of the house much for any reason.

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables

Making sure you get at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day can help you to feel better and will help your skin to look healthier and more glowing too. A good diet will also help you to maintain a suitable weight for your height, which will, in turn, help you look younger and healthier.

  1. Drink water

One of the main reasons why people have problems with their skin and overall health is because they don’t drink enough water. You should drink around two litres of water per day, and if the weather is very hot, you should increase this to three or four litres each day. Not only will water help your skin to become more elastic and healthy, but it will improve your digestive system too.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes and drinking large amounts of alcohol is one of the quickest ways to start looking older before your time. If you smoke, see your doctor and try to get onto a program to help you quit. Laser quit smoking technique uses a new and advanced cold laser technology designed to assist those who struggle to quit smoking