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The Modern Solution for Skin Lesion & Milia Removal in Melbourne

Lamprobe uses a cutting-edge approach to painlessly eliminate minor benign skin lesions. Skin tags, warts, cherry angiomas, milia and other imperfections can be addressed effectively without scarring, bleeding or adverse side effects.

The advanced technology combines ultrasound, radio and high-frequency technologies, allowing Lamprobe to gently disrupt and cauterise the connective tissue between the lesion and surface tissue. During this skin lesion and milia removal in Melbourne, there is minimal discomfort, as well as virtually no post-procedure marks. A doctor’s certificate is recommended before undergoing treatment.

Versatile Application

Lamprobe treatment can be used for everything from milia extraction in Melbourne through to removal of skin tags. Skin tags commonly emerge in regions where skin friction occurs, including eyelids, armpits, under the breasts, groin, upper chest or back, neck and nipples.

Unlike liquid nitrogen treatment that may cause tissue necrosis and subsequent hyper-pigmentation or skin indentation, Lamprobe ensures complete lesion removal without leaving marks on the skin, making it suitable for addressing a range of lesion types.

Affordable Solutions

It’s easy to achieve clear skin with Lamprobe’s affordable prices:

  • Starting from $150 for one lesion removal
  • $25 for each additional lesion
  • $250 for the removal of 3-7 lesions

Post-Treatment Care

To optimise results, avoid wetting the treated area for up to 24 hours post-procedure.

Arrange a Consultation Today

Whether you’re seeking a solution for milia removal in Melbourne or removal of skin tags, Lamprobe empowers you to say goodbye to skin lesions with comfort, precision and remarkable outcomes. Arrange a consultation at Instant Laser Clinic today to learn more.


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