4-D Face Lift

Tighten, volumise and renew your face with the 4D Facelift – the next step in advanced skin laser rejuvenation.* With no needles, anaesthesia or surgery, this innovative treatment causes almost no pain or downtime, allowing you to carry on with your day as normal.*


*Individual results may vary


 Specifically designed for your mid and lower face
 Volumises and tightens skin – instantly*
 Leaves healthy skin untouched*
 No needles or anaesthetic
 Minimal side-effects and downtime*


*Individual results may vary


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4D Facelift?

The 4D Facelift is an advanced multi-featured laser procedure designed to stimulate and increase long-term collagen regeneration without the use of needles or surgery.


It requires no anaesthesia or sedation with no major down time.


What makes the 4D Facelift so unique is its ability to target pre-identified areas of your skin – leaving other areas untouched.

How does it work?

Fotona 4D is a sequential combination of four external and intraoral laser procedures


1. SmoothLiftin- Intraoral Tightening


SmoothLiftin is a revolutionary non-ablative intraoral treatment for controlled and gentle bulk-heating to stimulate collagen contraction. In addition to an immediate effect resulting in the shrinkage of collagen fibers, the initiation of collagenases, or new collagen formation, occurs. The effects result in an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity in the treated tissue as well as a plumping effect to the nasolabial folds from the inside, much like dermal filler injections.*


*Individual results may vary


2. FRAC3 – Rejuvenation


FRAC3 is a three-dimensional treatment effect that targets superficial age-related imperfections in skin tissue. With FRAC3 more surrounding tissue remains unaffected, ensuring faster healing and less patient downtime compared to conventional fractional treatments.*


*Individual results may vary


3. PIANO mode – Skin Tightening


PIANO mode is a new bulk heating approach based on super-long pulse durations (0.3 – 60 s) which are longer than the thermal relaxation time of the epidermis and other skin structures such as hair follicles or blood vessels. Since PIANO mode does not cause high initial temperature peaks in the epidermis, it is the safest mode for reaching deeper lying skin tissues.*


*Individual results may vary


4. SupErficial- Light Peel


SupErficial is a light cold ablation that gives a pearl finish to the skin. SupErficial additionally improves the appearance of the skin and reduces imperfections by using Fotona’s propriety VSP technology, enabling the operator to easily adjust the laser to an extremely controlled light peel without thermal effects, for a no-downtime, highly precise treatment.*


*Individual results may vary


In a nutshell…


First we shine a laser beam in the interior of your mouth, targeting your cheeks, lips and nasolabial folds (lines around the mouth). Then we shine a second beam on the exterior of your skin to promote deep tissue rejuvenation. A third laser then restores existing collagen and activates the generation of new collagen.


The final laser smooths your skin, removing any final surface irregularities.*


*Individual results may vary

Who is it for?

4D laser skin rejuvenation is ideal for those wanting the visual impact of a facelift – without the cost, pain and inconvenient of surgery.* It is especially effective for treating the following concerns:*


• Lack of skin elasticity*

• Sagging jowls*

• Thin, lifeless lips*

• Nasolabial folds (lines around the mouth)*

• Devolumised cheeks*


*Individual results may vary

What are the side-effects?

Because the 4D Facelift treatment involves no sedation or anaesthesia, its side-effects are minimal. You’re unlikely to experience any pain, downtime or bruising.*


*Individual results may vary


However, you may experience some reddening, tenderness and gentle peeling of the treatment area. To minimise these effects, we recommend you moisturise and use sun protection for up to eight weeks after treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Many people achieve immediate results and lifting after only one treatment.*


However, if your skin requires extensive rejuvenation, we may recommend up to four treatments (each four to six weeks apart).


But everyone’s skin is different. That’s why we’ll recommend a personalised treatment program that’s right for you.


*Individual results may vary

How much does it cost?

Your total cost will depend on the size of the area you want treated and the number of treatments you require.


Prices start from $300 for a small area (such as cheeks) and up to $850 per session for a full face and neck treatment.

*Disclaimer: All photographs represent one person’s experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients from Instant Laser Clinic. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

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