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Max 7 LED

Light Therapy

Introducing Max 7 LED light therapy, a cutting-edge skincare solution that harnesses the power of seven distinct wavelengths from the visible light spectrum to deliver remarkable skin improvements and a revitalising treatment experience. Arrange a consultation at Instant Laser Clinic today, or learn more about Max 7 photo-facial treatment below.

Max 7 Wavelengths

›  Red: Promotes collagen production, rejuvenating the skin.
›  Orange: Revitalises and imparts a healthy glow, perfect for special occasions like weddings and portraits.
›  Yellow: Tones muscles and tightens the skin, contributing to anti-ageing efforts.
›  Green: Calms, reduces redness and inflammation, addresses hyperpigmentation.
›  Aqua: Restores elasticity and suppleness, ideal for mature skin.
›  Blue: Induces relaxation, helps alleviate tension and cramping.
›  Violet: Boasts antibacterial properties, purifies the skin, fights acne-causing bacteria.

After a thorough skin consultation and analysis, a tailored program incorporating single or multiple wavelengths will be selected based on your unique skin type and concerns.

The recommended frequency of Max 7 LED light therapy facial treatments per week ranges from 1 to 3 sessions, totalling 6 to 12 treatments on average for optimal results.

Package Includes:

6 LED Light Therapy Treatments + 1 complimentary Peel (Enzyme, Glycolic, Lactic, or Salicylic acid)*

The Peel will be incorporated into your LED Light Therapy Treatment booking.


Each Max 7 photo-facial treatment lasts 45 minutes and encompasses:

›  In-depth skin consultation
›  Comprehensive skin analysis
›  Double cleanse
›  Exfoliation or your free peel
›  Max 7 LED light therapy employing single or multiple light wavelengths
›  Nourishing mask
›  Application of eye cream, serum, moisturiser and sun protection



    What is Max 7?

    Max 7 is an advanced non-invasive light therapy device designed for facial skin rejuvenation.

    Why Choose Max 7?

    Max 7 is a groundbreaking solution developed to provide effective and safe skincare for all skin types using a natural approach. Max 7 photo-facial LED rejuvenation is a painless, non-invasive and gentle treatment.

    What Are the Benefits of Max 7?
    • Enhanced circulation
    • Restoration of natural cellular activity
    • Support for existing skin nutrients
    • Improved utilisation of oxygen within the skin cells
    • Encourages a natural chemical reaction that produces moisture

    Promotes collagen production, leading to youthful skin

    How Many Treatments Are Required?

    The number of treatments needed depends on your skin’s condition. On average, 1 to 3 sessions a week, accumulating to 6 to 12 treatments, are recommended for an optimal outcome.

    What About Maintenance?

    Similar to other skincare regimens, maintenance is advised to sustain lasting results after Max 7 LED light therapy. Typically, one maintenance treatment every 6-12 weeks is recommended.

    Do You Feel a Difference?

    Results initiate within the skin cells, offering increased tightness and vitality. After the first Max 7 photo-facial treatment session, you’ll experience softer lines, improved inner skin firmness and a natural radiant glow due to enhanced circulation, oxygenation and moisture.

    How Soon Will Results Show?

    Following the initial treatment, you can anticipate smoother, more hydrated skin with a natural radiance. Long-term results, maintenance sessions and a consistent at-home skincare routine play crucial roles.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Max 7 LED light therapy is safe for all skin types, ages and ethnicities, with no undesirable effects or downtime. We provide protective eye shields for your comfort and peace of mind. Infra-red or ultra-violet light is not used.

    Please note that Max 7 photo-facial LED rejuvenation may not be suitable for individuals with photosensitivity disorders, certain photosensitive medications and pregnant individuals. Suitability will be assessed during a pre-treatment skin consultation at our clinic.

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