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Most people at some stage of their life can develop moles on their body parts. Some of them do appear from birth and others continue to develop later. Most moles can gradually gently appear above the waist. A common mole generally grows up to 5 millimeters.

Regular checkup of common moles is very necessary because these moles can rarely turn into most serious skin cancer types.

A common mole is called “nevus” and is generally comes in a form of round or oval in shape and is basically pink, brown, or tan in colour. It is often in a dome shape. A nevus or common mole rarely changes into melanoma, one of the most serious types of skin cancers. People having more than 50-60 common moles generally have chances of having melanoma. Generally, common moles are non-cancerous but a regular checkup is very necessary.

There is also a type of mole known as dysplastic mole. It is usually different from a common mole and looks different. They are usually bigger than 5 millimeters and are darker in color. People with more dysplastic nevus have more risks and chances of developing melanoma.

We at the Instant Laser Clinic can offer you a full range of mole checkups with our cosmetic physicians. With the latest technologies and advanced equipment, we have the provision of a full range of mole checkups.

Here, we are a team of a focused and strong team of cosmetic physicians who will help you check your mole and detect melanoma and other skin diseases.*

Feel free to contact us if you have any skin-related queries or problems.

*Results may vary from individual to individual.



    Scin Cancer and Melonoma?

    Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that usually begins in melano cysts.  It generally conquers nearby tissues and spreads to various parts of the body. It is potentially dangerous and spreads to lungs, bones, or brains. These can occur on any skin surface because most melanocytes are generally found in the skin. They generally grow from nevus or dysplastic moles. In men, melanoma is generally found in upper body parts whereas women generally have melanoma in the lower parts of their body.


    Melanoma, unlike common moles and dysplastic moles, is cancerous and highly dangerous. They are asymmetrical and usually increase in size with time. They are generally larger than 6 millimeters in size. They can only be diagnosed by removing the tissue and looking for cancer cells. All part is removed which looks abnormal. This sample collection can be done instantly after which it is sent to labs for further checkups.


    There are several risks that can help in growing a melanoma. Having more than 50-60 common moles or having dysplastic moles have a greater risk. The sunlight consists of UV radiations which help in damaging the skin and other skin diseases. Severe sunburns also have a greater risk of growing a melanoma.


    Cost is based on the size of the area being treated. It starts from $120 per session for a small area like a chin region and up. Normally a course of 2-4 Laser or IPL sessions with a month interval in between sessions, is required.

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