Universkin™ the  world’s most smartest skincare, powered by Artificial Intelligence

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An exciting revolutionary approach, that offers made-to-measure, custom formula Skincare, to meet your skin’s everyday needs


About Universkin Personalized Skincare

The cosmetic of tomorrow is fully customised and created just for you. Each client is unique, each skin is unique, expectations are unique… we think your skincare should be unique too.

Universkin™ is science-based and physician-dispensed bespoke skincare. The hero ‘Serum P’ is available in more than 1.8 million formulas. This is personalized skincare as you’ve never seen before, used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners in 30 countries, now available to you, starting with a few question using our online assessment tool.

Start with an online questionnaire

Answer a few questions about your lifestyle, health and skin concerns and you will receive a comprehensive assessment along with a recommended custom serum and skincare regime, designed just for you.

Fresh Serum Duo

Because we make your serum fresh, just for you, it contains no preservatives and the highest levels of up to 3 select active ingredients.
And the serum is available in a double program, enough for around 6 weeks, night and day – 2 x 15mL at JUST $349.

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