Thigh Reduction


Why consider Thigh Reduction Surgery?

Thigh reduction surgery aims to address inner thigh skin excess by excision of skin and fatty tissue resulting in the appearance of more toned thighs.


The surgery can be corrective to address excess skin which may be unsightly and can result in skin irritation, infections and issues with hygiene. The excess skin may result from weight loss following bariatric surgery, diet and exercise or following pregnancy.

Thigh Reduction Surgery Consultation

The decision to undergo thigh reduction surgery is significant and adjustment to change in appearance needs be considered in addition to the process of post-operative recovery.


The aim of such consultation is to ascertain patient expectations and to identify potential limitations to achieving those expectations such as the extent of skin excess, skin quality and adiposity (fat). Thigh reduction surgery is best considered when a patient’s weight is consistent with a body mass index in the normal range and has been stable for at least 3 months. In appropriate patients, liposuction can be used as an adjunct to the thigh reduction procedure. Your Surgeon will discuss this with you during the consultation.

Thigh Reduction Surgery

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic administered by Specialist Anaesthetists in an accredited hospital. The incisions are placed on the inner aspect of the thigh extending from the groin to the knee. The Surgeon will discuss the extent and length of the incisions (and therefore scars) prior to surgery and that a wedge of skin and fat tissue will be removed to optimize the contour of the inner thighs.


The internal wounds are repaired with dissolving stitches and there may a small number of external skin stitches which are removed seven to ten days after surgery. Drainage tubes are used to drain tissue fluid and blood.


At the completion of surgery a waterproof dressing is applied which is suited to showering and a compression garment applied to minimize soft tissue swelling.

Our Doctors

Our doctors will explain the details of your surgery and all of the information about the procedure you have selected.


You will also have an opportunity to review before and after photographs of their patients’ results in their areas of expertise.


Your Surgeon will provide general information on treatments, hospital costs and incidental fees. Pre and post-operative information and a written quote will be provided to you in your consultation.

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