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Thomas Blair
Thomas Blair

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Amazing results! best place in town for tattoo removal

Kim Gundani
Kim Gundani

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

I would like to highly recommend the Instant Laser clinic for their professionalism. hospitality, attention to detail and knowledge. Mathew and his team deliver results beyond your expectations. I would like to thank you for being part of my journey as Miss Grand Australia 2018. You are all truly amazing! The picture on the left was taken 2 1/2 months before treatments for the international pageant at Miss Grand International and I placed Top 20 (the picture on the right is from the final night). The Instant Laser clinic team helped me to become the best version of myself for the competition. I felt well taken care of and they had my best interests at heart. After following a diet and exercise routine, I underwent the Vanquish treatment on my arms and skin treatments, with amazing results. If you want to feel good and look good, Instant Laser Clinic is the place to go! I will be going back again without a doubt! Thank you so much!

Sara Longo
Sara Longo

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Wow, Just Wow!

Saw Mathew & he totally made my heart smile!
Mathew is so non judgmental, super caring & a wealth of knowledge.

He is looking after me and my skin after I finished chemo and the damage it caused to my skin.

Going to visit him for skin care & then feeling good - priceless!

Thanks a bunch Mathew

In early 2017 my doctor advised a sleep test as I had been having severe insomnia.  The diagnosis showed severe sleep apnoea needing immediate attention for which the medical profession recommended a C-PAP breathing machine as the best cure. After some trials with hateful machines with all their inconvenience I kicked up and sought privately for a better solution.

I discovered Matt and Instant Laser Clinic, who were optimistic and immediately set about laser treatment for which I notices immediate relief. After 4 treatments I was feeling good and sleeping more comfortably.  Matt told me of the ‘SnoreLab” program for my iPhone so that I can daily see the improvement.

Six months down the track I’m feeling good with a low snore score. Even my doctor agrees the benefits of the treatment.

Roger Starr, Melbourne Victoria

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea disorder and was prescribed to use the C-Pap machine which I hated from the first night and simply couldn’t keep the big nozzle on my face for the entire night. I ended up throwing it away one night for good.

Then, my local GP recommended to come to Instant Laser Clinic to try the new laser therapy called NightLase. I was happy with the explanation that I was given through the free visit to the clinic and the laser practitioner has promised me a minimum 20-30% improvement after 5 visits which I took.  Its been 7 months since I have never been so energetic for many years. I can sleep better and most importantly my partner and the kids are a lot happier of course. Happy to call it a great success!

Anthony Vlad, Hampton, Victoria

A few years ago I contemplated laser hair removal at the Instant Laser Clinic. Initially I had my doubts; ‘what if this doesn’t work?’ or ‘surely for the same amount of money I could continue to wax for years!’

I put those thoughts aside primarily because of the ingrown hair problem I faced with waxing treatments, especially around the bikini line. The five treatments I had for that area gave me the permanent freedom of slipping on a swimsuit whenever I wanted but it also solved the much dreaded ingrown hair issue. Definitely money well spent! I was so happy with the result that I continued my quest for a hair-free body. My underarm, lip and chin areas are essentially hair and worry-free now.

You’ll be saying to yourself ‘why did I wait so long!’ Go for it!

Stephanie Georgios, Kew, Vic

I brought my 9 year old son to see the Instant Laser Clinic skin laser therapist for advice regarding a dark scar that had formed on his face after a fall.  I personally thought that it would go away but 7 weeks after his accident the 20 cent size scar, which looked like a dark patch under his right eye, did not fade.  I thought that he probably needed some sort of expensive laser treatment to get rid of it, however, I was advised to try a topical fading lotion, the least expensive solution…….and it worked!

I highly recommend the Instant Laser Clinic to anyone contemplating laser scar removal.  They not only have the best and latest equipment and beauty services, but they also show a high degree of professionalism and discretion.

Veronica K., Brighton, Vic

Towards my late teens, I was experiencing excessive facial hair growth, which made me feel extremely uncomfortable and sub-conscious. I tried everything I heard or read about different methods to get rid of the hairs which caused such embarrassment such as plucking, waxing, creams, electrolysis, different lasers with no PERMANENT REDUCTION result.

I tried LightSheer Duet diode laser at the INSTANT LASER CLINIC which I found was making the hairs stay away for lot longer period of time and they grew back thinner and sparser after only 3 treatments.

At INSTANT LASER CLINIC my treatments were treated with complete professionalism and efficiency. After 10 years of having to worry about my facial hair, I am so excited that inn 3 weeks I will be getting married and I won’t need to worry about my hair growth at all.

I’d give them 5 star!

Maria. L

Following only two acne laser therapy sessions I have noticed that the redness and severity of my acne has markedly improved. There also appears to be a notable improvement in the smoothness and appearance of my skin.

After years of extensive acne and blackhead problems, I can finally say with confidence that I have found a treatment that is both easy and beneficial. I have noticed an improvement in existing pimples and hopefully with additional laser sessions they will completely resolve.

Katrina Mylonakis

I have been a client of Mr. Mathew Jafarzadeh at the “Instant Laser Clinic” in Kew for the past year and have experienced amazing results from many of the services offered at the clinic.

When I was approached by Mathew to trial a new laser procedure with “Fotona YAG Laser” which was being used for the Acne treatment, I had no hesitation in taking part. I suffered from Acne around my chin. After the treatment I experienced redness to that area which lasted only a couple of hours then within three to four days, the acne began to dry up and flake off. By the sixth day the flaking had ceased and my skin appeared clearer than it was prior to treatment.

I am completely satisfied with the results of this treatment and have no hesitation this to anyone interested.

Sonja Talevski

I have suffered from unsightly and uncomfortable acne for just over 12 months. I have tried three courses of different antibiotics, two prescriptions for an antibiotic gel and numerous brands of popular cosmetic facial washers, cleaners, toners and acne treatments, none of which made any significant difference.

On 20th January 2017, I was receiving laser treatment at the Instant Laser Clinic when Mathew offered a free trial therapy with Fotona laser system over major and minor acne spots, pits and holes on my face.

I noticed that in those zones, the acne stopped developing immediately and within 5-10 days the redness and inflammation in the treated areas had completely gone. My scar has began to improve month by month and now is barely visible.

I would like to thank you Mr. Mathew Jafarzadeh and the lovely team at his clinic for using his knowledge and experience on me and making me feels great about myself again.

Joy Schnider, Balwyn, Vic

I recently finished a course of skin tightening treatment on my abdomen to target and improve my loose skin due to multiple pregnancy. I am very happy with the results, as I have also used other forms of laser treatments elsewhere, which more painful and not as effective.

Great clinic!

Maria K., Brighton, Vic

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