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intimate rejuvenation painlessly

Pink Intimate System treatments offer a non-surgical solution to unwanted darkening, laxity, irregular skin texture and blemishes on intimate areas whilst simultaneously encouraging natural regeneration.

Thanks to the Pink Intimate System, clients can not only experience intimate rejuvenation painlessly and effectively but also discover a more confident and empowered version of themselves from their very first treatment.

This innovative system is the first peel that lifts, whitens, and rejuvenates the intimate areas allowing each woman to feel more positive about her body, not only improving self-confidence but also improving intimacy during intercourse.

It is the ideal non-invasive solution to regain the youthfulness and firmness, lost over the years, of external vaginal tissue.



    What areas can be treated?

     Pink Intimate System for whitening the dark areas of your most intimate body parts:

    ›  Nipples
    ›  Underarm
    ›  Inguinal
    ›  Vaginal labia (vulva)
    ›  Perianal

    How does it work?

    Harnessing active ingredients and developed by renowned Italian medical research centre Promoitalia, Pink Intimate System treatments lighten and tighten intimate areas with bio-stimulating formulations that trigger a regeneration process.


    Discover studies and clinical trials by leading medical professionals into the safety and efficacy of treatments with the Pink Intimate System


    In a 2019 study of 3,670 participants on Vagina and Vulva Perceptions, 48% of respondents had concerns about the appearance of their vulva (including the clitoris, labia minora and labia majora) with almost a third (30%) also worried about the colouration of their vulva.


    From hormonal changes, childbirth and just the natural aging process it’s common for intimate areas to darken, become more textured and suffer from unwanted laxity over time. During this process, the skin can also see a reduction in natural collagen and fat, allowing it to become looser and more prone to droop with gravity.


    For women experiencing vaginal ageing a loss of tone, increased dryness, clitoral involution and tissue thinning are some of the effects that can be felt.


    The Pink Intimate System has supported patients around the globe to feel comfortable in their own skin, boost their confidence when intimate and feel more in control of their bodies.

    The quick and gentle approach of Pink Intimate System is recommended for:

    ›  Treatment of vagina laxity
    ›  Treatment of perianal laxity
    ›  Atraumatic bio-revitalisation of the vaginal area
    ›  Inguinal area whitening
    ›  Whitening of the mons public (flesh above the pubic area)
    ›  Whitening of the labia majora (exterior folds of skin at the vagina opening)
    ›  Whitening of nipples
    ›  Whitening of armpits


    With both men and women experiencing Acanthosis Nigicans (AN), a skin condition that causes skin to darken and thicken, Pink Intimate can also be used on the skin around the knees, elbows, buttocks and thighs.

    With Pink Intimate System clients can experience:

    ›  Brighter and lighter intimate areas
    ›  Reduced appearance of blemishes
    ›  A firmer, toned appearance to the treatment area
    ›  Rejuvenated and tightened intimate areas
    ›  Natural regeneration of vaginal tissue
    ›  Zero downtime post-treatment

    What are the Pink Intimate ingredients?

    The Pink Intimate System features a variety of high-performance ingredients to lift, lighten, restore and soothe the treatment area.


    Ingredients used to lighten and lift the treatment area:
    ›  Kojic Acid: A natural alternative to lightening chemicals, Kojic Acid effectively blocks tyrosine and has been proven to lighten dark skin pigment up to 3 shades
    ›  Rucinol: A synthetic molecule capable of eliminating hyperpigmentation by reducing the production of melanin
    ›  Glutathione: Rich antioxidant ingredient commonly found in topical and ingested lightening solutions
    ›  MCA (Chloroacetic Acid) with Urea Peroxide: A derivative of acetic acid that is non-aggressive, yet effective, at treating blemishes and pigmentation. Its chemical structure allows it to reach the layers of the dermis without activating (meaning it won’t dissolve or begin working until it reaches water rich tissue)


    Ingredients used to restore and soothe the treatment area:
    ›  Papaya: A proteolytic enzyme extremely effective in delaying the growth of hair and for improving skin quality and texture. It works to gently exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells for a bright, fresh start.
    ›  Bisabolol: Derived from Chamomile, Bisabolol is healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory. It also has a depigmenting purpose, interrupting the signalling cascade of cyclic AMP, normally activated by melanocyte stimulating hormone.
    ›  Genistein: Blocks the enzymes that would normally deprive the skin of collagen structure, thus restoring elasticity to the skin, which then appears smoother and younger. For intimate areas, Genistein works to stimulate fibroblast and other dermal structures.
    ›  Retinol: Otherwise known as Vitamin A, retinol increases the rate in which cells are renewed. As a result of increased cell turnover, the skin appears brighter and fresher.
    ›  Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (Licorice): Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice has been demonstrated to help repair skin damaged by UV rays and restore proper dermal-epidermal balance.


    Starting from $125 per session

    Areola whitening | $125 per session
    Underarms whitening | $250 per session
    Inguinal (inner thighs) whitening | $250 per session
    Vaginal labia (vulva) whitening | $250 per session
    Vaginal labia (vulva) tightening | $350 per session
    Vaginal labia (vulva) tightening and whitening | $400 per session
    Peri anal bleaching (anal whitening) | $250 per session

    *A course 5 sessions with one to two weeks intervals in between sessions is needed.

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