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Pain-Free Body Contouring with Laser Lipolysis

The Process

Laser lipolysis uses low-energy levels to trigger fat cell breakdown. Stored triglycerides morph into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing through cell membranes. These molecules are then dispatched for the metabolism to create energy, resulting in efficient elimination without harm to surrounding structures.

Clinically Validated

Independent clinical studies show the efficacy of laser lipolysis, occasionally paralleling liposuction outcomes. A single treatment can yield up to 30% fat layer reduction, with additional sessions enhancing results. Immediate fat cell content release becomes visible post-treatment, amplified by light exercise to speed up fat removal.

Accessible & Painless

Laser lipolysis harnesses visible red laser light to stimulate safe, painless bio-effects in targeted fat tissue without any disruption to normal bodily processes or tissue damage. All skin types and body areas can undergo treatment, allowing for immediate resumption of daily activities.

Instant Results

Visible changes can be seen immediately after each session. Depending on the individual, a remarkable 2-4 cm to even 10-14 cm reduction in abdomen circumference can be attained. A regimen of 8-12 treatments over 4 weeks (2 treatments weekly) is recommended for optimal results.

Precision at Its Finest

Unlike generic exercise and diet approaches, laser lipolysis precisely targets specific problem areas. The process can be customised by positioning laser pads on the chin, upper arms, abdomen, thighs and other regions. This allows individual areas to be contoured without overall body fat reduction.


    Treatment Course & Cost

    To optimise results, a course of 8-12 sessions with 1-2 treatments weekly is recommended. Sessions should be combined with post-procedure exercise, a healthy diet, hydration and daily moderate exercise.

    Cost-effective and results-driven, laser lipolysis offers tailored pricing options depending on the area being treated.

    Elevate Your Transformation

    Experience painless, effective and affordable body contouring with laser lipolysis. Your journey to a more defined you begins here. Please call our clinic on 9851 8900 to arrange a free consultation.

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