Advanced hydrating moisturiser 50ml


Advanced hydrating moisturiser comes in 50 ml , will help you repair your skin. This products contains Vitamins and antioxidants. By applying this moisturiser regularly, you can revivalise your skin cells and reduce the appearance of aging and sun damages, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Contains vitamins, antioxidants and ceramides to stimulate collagen production and repair the skin.

Protects against free radical damage and helps increase moisture in the skin.

CoQ10 revitalises the skin cells and strengthens the capillary network.

Regular use helps reduce the appearance of ageing and sun damaged skin including fine lines and wrinkles.

This lightweight formulation, containing tangerine oil, is quickly absorbed into the skin.


Key Ingredients

Vitamin C Phosphate

CoEnzyme Q10

Green Tea



How to Apply?

Apply morning and night to clean dry skin.


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