Breast Augmentation


Why consider Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is a technique used to increase size and optimise the shape of the breasts using silicone and polyurethane breast implants. The surgeons also perform breast augmentation using your own fat tissue where appropriate. The surgery can restore body proportion to patients who have under-developed breasts or who have lost breast volume following pregnancy, lactation, weight loss or hormonal fluctuations. Breast augmentation can also address asymmetry of breast volume in those who have developmental or post-mastectomy deformity.


Typically, patients request augmentation to improve their lifestyle. Some patients are looking to boost their self-confidence in lingerie and swimwear, improve the fit of their clothes, balance chest and hip proportions and improve overall self-esteem.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Consultation

The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is significant and adjustment to change in appearance needs be considered in addition to the process of post-operative recovery.


The aim of such a consultation is to ascertain patient expectations and to identify potential limitations to achieving those expectations such as skin quality, breast volume, breast ptosis (sagginess) and chest wall soft tissue cover. The Surgeon will discuss options with you during the consultation. Issues which need to be considered include:

1. Desired breast size– whilst this is a very individual decision, it is critical that the desired breast size is determined as accurately as possible preoperatively as ‘under-sizing’ may result in disappointment and ‘over-sizing’ may lead to feelings of self consciousness. During pre-operative consultations, crop top exercise bras and appropriate sized implants will be discussed and trialled to complement the desired aesthetic outcome and individual body morphology.

2. Implant shape– breast implants vary from round to tear drop in shape and their suitability depends on the ‘look’ an individual seeks. Your Surgeon will discuss this further with you and show you pre and post operative images to illustrate the different cosmetic outcomes achievable with different implant shapes.

3. Implant type– currently, cohesive silicone gel implants are most frequently used in breast augmentation as saline implants tend to result in a worse aesthetic outcome over time. Evolving implant technology has led to the surface of the silicone gel implants being textured, smooth or covered in a polyurethane surface. The significance of this will be discussed during the consultation with your Surgeon as it impacts directly on implant selection.


1. Implant position – breast implants can be positioned behind the breast (sub-glandular), behind the pectoralis major muscle (sub-pectoral) or as a combination of both approaches (dual plane). The placement selected will influence the aesthetic outcome, particularly when there is a degree of sagging of the breasts. Implant position will be discussed during your consultation along with any need to consider a breast lift procedure to optimize the cosmetic result.

2. Scar– breast implants can be inserted via incisions placed in the fold under the breast (inframammary), at the junction of the areolar and breast skin (periareolar) or through the axilla (transaxillary). An inframammary approach is the most commonly used incision.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

The procedure is performed through an inframammary incision under general anaesthetic administered by Specialist Anaesthetists in an accredited hospital. The surgeon will discuss the nature of the incisions and subsequent scars required during your consultation.


The wounds are repaired with internal dissolving stitches which do not require removal. Drainage tubes may be required to drain tissue fluid and blood.

Our Doctors

Our doctors will explain the details of your surgery and all of the information about the procedure you have selected.


You will also have an opportunity to review before and after photographs of their patients’ results in their areas of expertise.


Your Surgeon will provide general information on treatments, hospital costs and incidental fees. Pre and post-operative information and a written quote will be provided to you in your consultation.

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