How Shock Wave Therapy Can Assist In Male Erectile Dysfunction

How Shock Wave Therapy Can Assist In Male Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of people have suffered from different problems which they have less or no information about how to treat & male erectile dysfunction is among a very common and most undiscussed issue, generally because many people feel shame or embarrassed.

What is shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Shockwave treatment uses a kind of energy from the acoustic wave which starts a process known as neovascularisation in some parts of the body. This creates new blood vessels which improves blood flow.  The blood flow is very critical in causing a man’s erection as it gives the firmness to the organ & weaker blood flow gives a weaker erection. The clinical results of such shockwave treatment have various positive results proving the fact of the use of this treatment is more comfortable to patients and helped in improving their sexual condition. Though there are various alternative treatments available to detect erectile dysfunction conditions like pills, vacuum erection devices or penile injections, shockwave treatment is very different as it helps in improving the erectile mechanism which allows the man to have the erection on their own. To administer this therapy, the doctor applies a probe to the organ (penis) which is a form of gel around the target areas. The treatment lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the condition and there is no need for anaesthesia in the whole process.

What shockwave therapy can achieve

When a person (man) is sexually excited it would be normal that his penis will be filled with blood. This helps the penis to penetrate but if the man has trouble with the blood flow of his penis, he may not be able to have an erection.

There are several types of treatments available and the doctor may suggest medicine, injections or many others but shock wave therapy is different and its method of treatment is very easy & will get an excellent result after treatment with very minimal discomfort during treatment.

While not in use at every practice, more and more clinics are looking to shock wave therapy as an alternative to long courses of drugs or invasive surgical procedures. Instant Laser Clinic offers shock wave treatment for erectile dysfunction at our Kew clinic. If you’re interested in learning more about what this treatment can achieve, speak to our team today.