Non Surgical Fat Removal Technology

Non Surgical Fat Removal Technology

Vanquish – For cosmetic circumferential decrease and body contouring

Vanquish is a unique radio frequency technology system that aids in the removal of excessive fat around abdomen and other affable areas. Fat removal is not an easy task and it becomes all the more difficult in case of individuals who are fit but just have excessive fat around their belly or love handles.

Vanquish is basically a non-invasive system that utilizes the radio-frequency energy to heat the fat tissues while the surrounding tissues are not touched at all. A remarkable and prominent fat reduction in the abdominal circumference can be seen in just four to six weekly treatments. A treatment takes around 30-45 minutes which can be taken at a gap of at least one week.

Vanquish should not be assumed to be a process that can aid in weight reduction or an alternate to surgical methods. It is in fact meant for those who in spite of following a regular diet and exercise routine have excessive fat around their love handles. It is a simple process and those who undergo it just need to wear light clothes and have a minimum of 8 glasses of water one day before and two days after the treatment. Besides, they need to follow the conventional routine of diet and exercise.

 Some important highlights:

– It is an ideal fat removal technique for individuals (both men and women) who wish to reduce their abdominal fat by 2-4 inches.

– Normally the fat reduction takes 4 sittings but it can go up to 6 in certain cases.

– A single sitting takes around 30-45 minutes and can be taken at a gap of one week.

– Men and women who want to reduce 2 to 4 inches are the best candidates for Vanquish

– Vanquish does not hurt as it does not touch the body

– It is a non-invasive treatment and hence only slight heat can be felt.

– One can notice remarkable changes after 2-4 weeks of the completion of the process. (4-6)


Vanquish is gaining momentum these days. It is considered a safe method for fat loss in midsection of the body, for example love handles and abdomen areas.  You can get best results from this treatment if you drink lots of water before and after the treatment. By increasing the fluid intake, you will hydrate your fat cells better. Hydration will make your fat cells easily targeted by the radio frequency waves. You can also have long term results if you control your food intake and do exercise regularly. The treatment takes less time than any other fat reduction methods. The process covers larger areas of the body in half the time than any other fat reduction machines.