Is Laser Teeth Whitening An Option For Me?

Is Laser Teeth Whitening An Option For Me?

It is a dream for every man and woman and at any age to flaunt a shiny smile and impress others with charm, not only does a smile attract others but can build a high level of confidence when dealing with others. The treatment or the procedure to achieve that desired smile was once considered risky, time-consuming and involved a lot of money but is now an easy and a cost-effective procedure.

Why is laser teeth whitening one of the best methods on the market?

All credit to the latest inclusion of laser teeth bleaching teeth whitening treatment which has become one of the most popular requests for dental patients while visiting the dentists. But you’re wondering, why is laser teeth whitening one of the best methods of whitening? Such result is obtained by a product which can cause an intrinsic change to the enamel of the teeth. The laser treatment is one of the most recommended options available for this procedure. The efficiency of laser activated bleaching process and its effect on the tooth enamel and pulp has not shown any diverse affect. The safety and the efficacy are the most important factors for the best result without any side effects. The choice of having Laser teeth bleaching is one of the most cost-effective procedure and with the introduction of latest and modern ways & actually the only option recommended by professional dentists. According to ADA or the Australian Dental Association, teeth bleaching procedure should be conducted only after thorough dental checkup and under the expert supervision of the dentist.

Laser teeth whitening: how does it work?

The guidance and judgment of the dentist determine the desired outcome of the procedure and for this, the patient needs to provide very detailed information to  the dentist on this matter. How laser teeth whitening works is actually quite simple. This laser treatment applies a heat generated ray that enhances its effectiveness and bleaching gel that quickens the procedure in achieving the results. The bleach uses hydrogen peroxide gel that follows a 25 to 40 percent of concentration level, the concentration level is adjusted according to the sensitivity of the teeth, gums, lips and other oral tissues from getting affected. This hydrogen peroxide gel does the work of bleaching the existing stains and discoloration, it changes the chemical structure and removes the colour. There is the option available for in-house treatment with the help of bleaching, which can be obtained after the acknowledgment of the dentist. With proper direction and use of minimal concentration level of hydrogen peroxide gel, the desired result can be acquired. But the time required for the procedure and the cost involvement depends on the patient medical condition and the supervision of the dentist or the cosmetic surgeon.

Laser teeth bleaching takes approx. 1.5 hours and the cost also varies depending on the treatment process. The type of laser that will be used in the process absolutely depends on the judgment of the dentist or the cosmetic surgeon.

After the procedure is over, the dentist will provide necessary gel to strengthen the teeth and also leave an attractive shimmer. The effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the patient ability in taking care of the teeth and maintaining the guidelines showed by the dentist.  The treatment is a great way to lighten teeth, the outcome of which is a beautiful smile at a minimum investment.