Intima Lase For Vagina Tightening Melbourne

Intima Lase For Vagina Tightening Melbourne

Laser Vaginal Tightening Therapy

Vagina tightening is possible now with the new laser treatment known as IntimaLase that is the invasive solution for vagina atrophy and relaxation. The best thing is that it’s only a 15-minute procedure normally that works instantly. It’s hundred percent effective and pain-free. There are no side effects as in other body procedures.

Lack of sufficient friction can reduce satisfaction during sexual intercourse. During childbirth over stretching of vaginal wall can make its connective tissues weak. A loose vagina can be a nuisance for both woman and man especially when she is in her childbearing age phase.

There are some exercises that can strengthen the underlying muscles to have a tight vagina but these can’t be performed by all because of lack of time and expertise.

So far, there was no permanent solution to treat thickening of the vaginal wall. But now, its possible to treat loose vagina with a procedure that doesn’t take much time.

H2 How intimaLase vaginal rejuvenation works

This is the safest procedure for vaginal rejuvenation because being simple it does not pose any threat to the patient. It’s a laser treatment that is non-surgical and is effective. There is an attachment that is like speculum used in a pap test. That attachment is inserted into the vaginal opening. It is then treated with short laser pulses through a small handpiece. Collagen production is stimulated on the vaginal mucosa because of the heat waves of the laser. It remodels and synthesizes new collagen fibers. As a result, the vagina becomes tight again.

Prior to the labiaplasty, the area around the vagina is sterilized using a high-quality anti-septic. The laser applicator is inserted carefully into the opening.

According to the report, 95 percent of patients with a dry vagina or lose vagina have got improvement by having a tight vagina. Women who are in post childbirth phase can go for this treatment if they have a lax or loose vagina.

Most patients say that the treatment is a bit painful when areas around the vagina are treated with laser. But generally, there is a feeling of warmth in the affected area during the procedure. Nitrous gas works as a pain reliever for patients.

H2 Vaginal tightening side effects

There are some labiaplasty patients who have experienced inflammation around the vaginal area or localized swelling. But this is not a serious concern as it will pass in a few weeks. It’s better to avoid sexual intercourse for 7 to 10 days or more.

We do Intima Lase for tightening vagina with best procedures and almost hundred percent results. Our treatment is not only effective but also works faster and instant. We take the test and examine the patient first before devising the sessions. Then, we recommend what is right for her. Luckily, there are no side effects of vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment. So, patients have no fear at all. We examine all factors carefully before suggesting the procedure and also take into consideration other health related issues.

Feel free to contact now and get examination today for our laser labiaplasty. We are happy to help you because your health matters the most.