Cold Laser Therapy: A better and quick way to deal the pain

Cold Laser Therapy: A better and quick way to deal the pain

It seems to be everywhere, but what is cold laser therapy? Owing to the massive changes in the technological involvement in the health care industry over the last few years, it has successfully given birth to some major medical tools and breakthroughs which is helping in dealing with major therapy challenges and obstacles. Among of which Cold laser therapy is also referred to as therapeutic laser, biostimulation therapy or photobiomodulation. They have become very popular due to its method of treating, as it uses specific wavelength of lights to treat the debilitating situation which acts quickly in relieving pain and suffering. It is a kind of laser therapy which uses very gentle levels light to treat the patient. As it uses the low level light, as a result, you would not get any pain or your tissues would not be heated.

What can cold laser therapy achieve?

Patients mainly prefer this style of therapy because of its soft treatment process. When anyone goes through the treatment, he or she will see the difference. This soft therapy process will always be used directly to the particular affected place of your body. This method is applied to repair the affected tissues. It has a biological and chemical backwash. When this process of treatment is going on, red light is visible & this aids the damaged cells to repair once again.

Why is it cold?

It is called cold laser therapy because of its dim light where the patient would experience slight heat on his or her body during this method of therapy & the frequency of this laser light is kept low to avoid any kind of damage to the skin. An important thing to remember is that several wavelengths are exercised through the patient’s treatment. Generally, 600 to 700mm is conducted to treat the superficial tissues & if anyone has profound injury, then 780 to 950mm are exercised to treat the patient.

Most interestingly the patient will realise the therapy is in process but he or she would not feel any discomfort or pain and in most cases takes just very little time. The process is different for cases and it means that the ways of treatment can vary but it is clear that the cold laser therapy is conducted for the repairing tissue and through this therapy patient get relief from the pain.

Even during the therapy, people cannot feel any pain and it is also used as sports treatment as it helps to reduce joint pain and can be used for chronic pain too. Nowadays, medical professionals are using this therapy to rejuvenate the skin and there is recorded evidence which prove the exponential benefits of cold leaser therapy to deal with pain.