What Is The Best Laser For Skin Tightening

What Is The Best Laser For Skin Tightening

What Is The Best Laser For Skin Tightening

Laser treatment is the best option to give you radiant, young and glowing skin if you have developed wrinkles on your skin or you are suffering from the problem of loose skin.

What is laser skin tightening?

Laser skin tightening is the process by which infrared light source (laser) is effectively used to tighten the skin by applying heat to the collagen which is located under the skin’s surface for tightening the skin. Dermal collagen production is stimulated and regeneration of damaged cells is facilitated by application of Candela Gentle YAG laser. The firoblasts in the dermis are targeted which produces new collagen responding to laser energy. There is a visible change in the skin after undergoing the procedure. This process requires two to three treatment a month or more apart, for achieving an optimum result. The method is approved by FDA  and it clearly eradicates wrinkles, skin laxity and lines from the face. The affect of this process is not noticeable as a facelift but it needs little downtime and results are almost immediate. This method is equally safe for skin rejuvenation. With the rebirth of new collagen, the skin gains youthfulness and looks healthier.

What’s involved in laser skin tightening treatments?

Before opting for a skin tightening session a patient is strictly advised to wash any makeup or oil from the skin’s surface. An anesthetic cream is applied to the area being treated and the patient is given to wear a protective eyewear. Since laser tightening procedure is nonablative by nature no aesthetic treatment is carried out after the process.  Patients who suffer from irritation can always choose to take an over-the-counter medication before the treatment.

Laser skin treatment is always performed by a trained dermatologist or highly skilled and trained professional. While conducting the session the professional uses a handpiece to give brief pulses of laser energy to the skin. The Dynamic Cooing Device is used to spray cool air during the session adding to the patient’s comfort. For best results, the practitioner has to go over the treatment area for at least three times. Depending on the size and area to be treated sessions last for 30 minutes to one hour.

The procedure is over quickly and patients immediately can continue with their routine work. Swelling, redness of skin and a warm sensation are minimum side effects that can occur.

Risks involved in the process

The risks of laser skin tightening are few and minor. An anaesthetic cream is applied in the area to reduce the patient’s discomfort. A mild stinging sensation can take place during the conduction of the process. But such problems are easily resolved within minutes of the session.

Laser Skin Treatment Candidates

Laser skin treatment is ideal for candidates from 30 to 60 years. In this age, people mostly suffer from the problem of sagging skin and wrinkles and lines begin to appear in the skin. Combined with face lift it can give excellent results. It is perfect for people of all skin tones and all skin types.