Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Remove the Pesky Scars from Your Skin

Acne scar treatment is effective on the shallow and temporary red marks as well as the pits that affect the vitality of the skin. There are various treatment options available, but you should be careful about undergoing the proper treatment that suits you best. It is rightly said that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Hence, the results differ from person to person and if one treatment is helpful for a person in removing the acne scars, the second person may not react positively to that treatment. Moreover, the type of scars is treated specifically. For instance, keloid scars exasperate when given some treatments. Let’s discuss this in respect of the various treatments.

Before you undergo the acne scar treatment –

Since this treatment is expensive, it would be in vain if you undergo it especially when the acne recurs and they are not completely gone. In other words, spending the fortune on the persistent acne during the adolescent or puberty phase of life is in vain, as you are going through the hormonal changes that give rise to this pesky issue. Besides this, you should have a word with your doctor pertaining to your circumstances or personal background so that he may refer the best acne scar treatment for you. Some of the personal information may include your overall health and age! If you are a teen, then you should understand that the acne is active during this stage of life. If you are taking some medications or you have allergy of some treatments, you should make sure that they do not conflict. Affordability is the crucial factor that you should give a thought to. The severity of the type of scars, the essentiality and your available budget should be taken into consideration.

Laser treatment –

There are numerous novel and improved lasers available so far, and laser skin resurfacing is the more popular among them which is effective in acne scar treatment. The lasers are beneficial for tightening and smoothing the scars, activating the dermal collagen by burning away scar tissue whereby the skin is tightened. Needless to say, the procedure proves helpful in reducing the appearance of the scars. The p. acne bacteria are killed by using some lasers and lights which prevents acne formation. Ablative and non-ablative are the major two types of the laser. The ablative lasers are powerful enough to eliminate severe and deep scars. The non-ablative lasers are comparatively mild and they are good for shallow scarring. Although, non-ablative lasers are less speculative, yet the redness appears on the skin which lasts for some months once the treatment is over.

Topical treatments –

If you are searching for cheapest options, then topical acne scar treatment is good for you although such treatments are less effective. In case your acne is healed, the ointments and topical creams work best on the momentary kind of acne scars. Apart from this, the topical treatments speed up the healing process whereby the reddish skin returns to its original color. However, the remarkable thing in this connection is that they fail to work on deep scarring like keloids. Moreover, the creams like Retin-A give rise to extreme irritation to the skin.

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