Acne Laser Treatment

Acne Laser Treatment

Get Rid Of the Unsightly Pimples

Acne laser treatment is a breakthrough in dermatology owing to the faster and visible results without much period for recovery. This treatment is going to be the most sought after one as the dermatologists and health experts strongly recommend for dealing with deep scarring when the remedies like cortisone injections prove ineffective in removing the acne. Indeed, cryotherapy is helpful in reducing and shrinking the scar tissue gently by means of repeated freezing, but it is not so powerful than the laser treatments. The worth-mentioning thing in this connection is that the acne treatment in laser therapy is useful in treating the scar tissue of already existed acne and the therapy is not a preventive measure to eliminate the acne in the first place.

How Acne Laser Treatment works

In the acne laser treatment, the targeted area of the skin is brought into contact with the intense light projected by a laser machine. This light directly works on the bacteria and destructs them which are the root cause of the acne. In this light therapy, the collagen production is promoted and the collagen is helpful in reducing the acne scarring. The short bursts of intense but soft light are immersed through the affected areas. The underlying idea is by doing this the oil secretion from the targeted skin glands will be reduced to prevent nourishment to the acne or pimples.

The non-invasive treatment –

The remarkable thing regarding the acne laser treatment is that it is a non-invasive and drug free treatment. When this treatment is given in conjugation with the Isotretinion, a form of acne medication, the chances of eliminating the scar tissue are brighter which is beneficial for rebuilding your complexion and retaining healthy skin tone ultimately.

The acne vulgaris is also successfully treated with this process and many clinical trials, in those days, are seen following this. More than 70% patients have availed themselves the benefits of this treatment in a favorable manner. The trials were carried out on more than 20% patients and in their case almost 95% of their skin region showed acne reduction.

The acne laser treatment is hundred percent result-oriented where positive results are gained within 3 months. This shows the sharp contrastive difference about topical treatments which require 6 to 8 months to accomplish the effect. Moreover, the effect in the latter case is not thorough and it is temporary in nature.

Nowadays, most of the people who want to get rid of the unsightly acne are seen inclining to undergo the laser treatment, since it is free from side-effects. The success rate of this treatment is considerably high. The treatment is regarded as the cosmetic therapy as its results show that the unsightly scars are vanished and the skin gets tightened to appear younger and fairer. The results are dramatically faster and require least recovery time. In this sense, acne laser treatment is the new invention in the world of biotechnology and cosmetic surgery. The only drawback of this therapy is that the patient has to pay some extra bucks, which may not be affordable for the commoners.

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